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Welcome to linkiomediagroup.com – if you’ve been looking for an authentic guest posting service provider that doesn’t charge you a bomb, then you’ve just hit the sweet spot!

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No – that won’t mean 50% of the quality! Most of the other suppliers charge you $40-60 per guest post simply because they have several mediators in the process, and some of them outsource work to freelancers and sub-contractors, which bumps up the price!

But, there’s no such issue with us – we directly write quality guest posts related to your website’s niche, and then get them published on the top blogs.

So you ask – why should you consider our guest posting services – well that’s a very valid question to say the least, and we advise our clients to do anything blindly, especially choosing our services! And, it’s time now to go through some of the top advantages of guest posting process.

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As indicated in this simple inforgraphic, a high quality guest post published on a popular blog can potentially bring thousands of visitors to your blog, and boost its popularity overnight. But, the key is to create viral content, and that’s what we are here for.

Just provide us with your target keywords (and our SEO team can even do it for you in case you’re not sure about the best keywords that you should be targetting), URL to be promoted, and target niche, and leave the rest to our guest posting experts.

We write 600+ words of high quality content, and get it published on the popular blogs in your website’s niche, along with a few high quality pictures to provide maximum exposure to your website.

So, give it a try to our guest blogging services today and feel the difference!

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