Blogging Flail 2022

If you are interested in gaining my perspective on blogging, be sure to visit Blogging Flail.I know what you are thinking, just what we need another blog on blogging. So why should you visit my site instead of the 100’s of other sites out there on blogging? Well I’m trying to give a bit of … Read more

How I Established A Homeschool Classroom 2022

As a parent who made the decision to home school my children, I took the task of establishing an appropriate, suitable at-home classroom extremely seriously. I strove to create a learning environment that would inspire my children to enthusiastically take on their learning experiences and also expand their horizons to think about their future with … Read more

What Not To Do When Choosing A Career

If you are in high-school or just starting college, and have yet to decide on a career path, now is the time to start thinking about that. There are many resources abound that assist with choosing a career, but did you know there are some things you just shouldn’t do? 5 Items To Not Do … Read more

Keyword Density Tools | 2022

Keyword Density Tools

Warning – This is a test post only.  The content below is being used as part of a case study for a post on one of my other blogs. When writing a blog post, one of the key things you need to be aware of is how often your keyword is used throughout the post, … Read more

Reverse Guest Posting 2022

Link Building Strategy

Warning – This content is only meant to be a test post that is being used as part of a case study for another blog. A struggle most new bloggers have is trying to get visitors to their site. They always want to focus on building backlinks, which may not always be the best approach … Read more

Best Practices For A Private Blog Network

Best Practices For A Private Blog Network

Note: This content has been developed for a case study that is part of another blog. The information here shouldn’t be treated as 100% accurate. At one time, Private Blog Networks were all the rage. In fact, it wasn’t so much about being private, there were Public Blog Networks that were making gobs of money. … Read more

What Is An Ideal Keyword Density?

What Is An Ideal Keyword Density?

Note: This is a test post being used as a case study for another blog. The content included here is made up for the most part… What is the ideal keyword density for your blog? This is a question that most Web Master’s seem to chase when they are creating content for their blog. Some people feel … Read more