Blogging Flail 2022

If you are interested in gaining my perspective on blogging, be sure to visit Blogging Flail.I know what you are thinking, just what we need another blog on blogging. So why should you visit my site instead of the 100’s of other sites out there on blogging? Well I’m trying to give a bit of a different perspective on the Blogging Flail site by basing it on my experiences – you know you get experience from my experiences.

First a little about me. I’ve been blogging on and off for about 3 years on a number of different sites. I’ve learned a lot from my past experiences, both things I’ve done well and other things I haven’t. The goal of Blogging Flail is to give you the reader my perspective on these things to help you learn from the things I’ve learned.

What Can You Expect From Blogging Flail?

What can you expect to learn from Blogging Flail? Here’s a list of the things I’ve covered or plan on covering:

  • Blogging basics – from domain names to hosting to setting up your first post
  • WordPress – should you use or a self hosted blog
  • Extending the functionality of WordPress via Plug-in’s
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Reviews of services I’ve used
  • The problem with getting backlinks
  • Guest Posting
  • Social Networks
  • and much more

Like I said, you can find this information being written almost anywhere on the Internet, so why should you get this from Blogging Flail instead of any number of other sites? Well instead of just giving you my opinion, I’m intending to give you my experience since I’ve actually used all of the services I’m writing about.

So anyway, come and check out the Blogging Flail site and see what you think. It’s a new site, only been on-line for less then a month, so we are growing our content and experimenting with a number of redesign ideas. You may be surprised by the number of different things you are seeing in the coming months, so every visit could be a bit of a new experience.

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