High Quality Link Building through Link Exchange in 2022

Webmasters already know the role link exchanges play in improving Search Engine Optimization and promoting websites. Link exchange is a process where a number of bloggers with related websites exchange links among each other which results in a web ring. Web rings usually have a central organization or website that provides the best link building service and distributes it among the web ring. Link exchange has advantages as well as disadvantages when it comes to search engine ranking. But it has been observed that the benefits outrank the drawbacks of link exchange. Following are some advantages and drawbacks of link exchange.


Because link exchange is done by related websites that focus on a specific industry, it can bring in highly targeted readership. The readers that are looking for information related to that industry, say fashion or finance can get hordes of information at one place. The web ring accumulates all kinds of information related to different aspects of that industry at the same place which can guide readers and provide them with less confusing data that is scattered all over the internet.

Link exchanges also increases link popularity of the sites on search engines and as a result, it becomes easier to hyperlink relative information on the web. Seo service Linkio Media Group stresses on some aspects that every link exchanging web ring should have before agreeing on link exchange, there are certain aspects that webmaster take into account which are listed below.

  • Length of Banners –the animated images are called banners. Banners are provided on every website and of the banner take too much time load, it can discourage the readers and they move on to other websites. The length of animated banners us recommended to be kept short.
  • Automated Facilities –banner designing companies should use automated facilities to develop banners. In this case the banners will be reviewed by a computer which will get better data analysis. Webmasters often employ banner designing companies.
  • Size of Banners – the size of animates banners should be kept in kilobytes because it affects the loading time of the banner displayed on the website.
  • Advertisement – the advertisements displayed on the websites should be related to the niche of the blog. Many link exchanges take place in the form of advertisement that’s why the subject of these ads should be restricted to certain topics.


The disadvantages of link exchange are few but they can prove disastrous in the long term. Excessive links on the website has the potential to distract visitors from the website they were originally on, to related websites. This will decrease online traffic on that website which will lead to decreased number of backlinks from outside source. And if you are running an online business, then your online traffic will not convert in paying customers. Google and Bing search engines consider link exchanges as a form of link scheme but that is only in the case if you’re involved in excessive link exchanges. Search engines can often block and suppress links for such websites and then you will have to spend a fortune to buy quality backlinks. If you want such a change on your site, please contact Remember backlinks are only valuable if they are kept to a minimum.

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