How to get Useful Links to Your Site | SEO Link Building in 2022

There is much more than meets the eye in the process of getting useful links that will send your website’s search engine rating soaring to the first page as soon as possible. The basic idea behind link building and SEO is very straightforward – you acquire external links that send traffic back to your website from reputable sources, making the search engines perceive you as relevant to the given search results and boosting your rating accordingly.

However, actually putting this into practice is a meticulous, subtly nuanced process, and involves carefully evaluating the potential places where you are thinking of establishing a backlink presence to see how well they will really serve you in Google and other search engines.

For example, Google mostly bases search engine ratings on HTML (hypertext markup language) material, while ignoring links that involve Javascript. Even this simple piece of information can prevent you from pursuing links that, although they are actually directed at solid informational sites and reputable Internet locations, will ultimately do no good because they are invisible to one of the world’s most popular search engines.

The crawl rate of your site and other sites you are thinking of using as backlinking venues also needs to be considered. The crawl rate is the frequency with which the cache of a given website is updated by Google. On Google search results, there is a hyperlink with “Cached” for its anchor text. Look up a website you want to analyze from a crawl rate standpoint and click on the Cached link. This will show you how recently the site was cached. Those with less than a week since the last caching are highly popular, active websites. Those with more than a month are performing very poorly. They are not a good bet as sites to pursue backlinking from.

You can also watch your own caching statistics across time to see concrete evidence of how well your link building strategies are performing. Quick caching indicates that whatever you are doing is working, and you should keep it up. Tardy caching, and especially decelerating caching, indicates something is very much amiss and you should analyze it and figure out a counter-strategy.

Even the placement of a link within a specific page can have a major impact on that link’s value from an SEO standpoint. Links in navigation bars are typically ignored, while those in the midst of text on the page are highly prized by the search engines. These are, of course, also one of the hardest types of links to insert outside your own website, but as with all good things in life, solid link building rarely comes easily.

Part of our professional SEO enhancement service is to find inbound links for you to incorporate in a robust link building strategy. You can place your link building in our hands with total confidence in our ability to seek out and make use of the most useful links to create a sterling online reputation for you – and move your site rapidly towards the first page position that is the goal of every website destined to prosper.

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