How to get started with Manual Link Building

Back links, otherwise known as links benefits your website immensely. These links connect your website with other relative websites. In this way, they play a huge role in the search engine ranking optimization SEO of your website as the location of your webpage in the search engine is due to them. It’s just like having a huge circle of friends. The natural way of improving your SEO is to earn these backlinks but in 2018, you can build them yourself. Follow the simple steps described below if you want to build backlinks for your website.

The Less The better

Backlinks are time-consuming and expensive that’s why you need to get the most out of every backlink you earn or build. Before building a backlink make sure your website has the following requirements.

  • Free of Technical Errors –if your website has technical errors make sure you remove them because technical errors will affect user experience. And if user experience on your website is not good, Google will limit the backlink sources. When you’re building backlinks, do not speed through the process. The process might be long but your patience will be worth it.
  • Site Architecture –your website architecture should be developed strongly. If you have any know-how about web designing, then you can do it yourself. Otherwise get a professional to handle these matters for you. The reason behind this is that the better site architecture you have the less links you will need. Google will links better backlinks to your site.
  • Relevant Content –producing valuable content is most important. That is probably the whole point of this thing. You want to be better optimized so that more people recognize you through the content you create. If you canwrite good articles that is relevant to one of the more popular blogs, then you can submit articles SEO on guest posting websites. Valuable content will get linked to relevant content so make sure to always produce estimable written content.

Reputable Link Building Service

Many websites on the internet provide link building services at a cost but you won’t need it if you follow these instructions strictly.

  • Real Traffic – you need to be able to distinguish between real traffic and unreal traffic which is mostly spam. Stay clear of any webpage that may look even remotely like spam. Follow the websites that have real traffic because it comes with relevant backlinks.
  • Anchor Text –do not distribute your anchor text recklessly and keep them to a minimum of 1% as abuse of anchor text will minimize your search engine ranking.
  • Standard Websites –as I said earlier, if you want to be linked among better websites with maximum SEO, then you will need to follow these websites almost reverently. If you became greedy and tried to increase your SEO ranking by visiting wrong websites, you can get spammed and recovering from that might be impossible. Keeping a squeaky clean profilewill boost your search engine optimization ranking faster than anything else.

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