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When writing a blog post, one of the key things you need to be aware of is how often your keyword is used throughout the post, in relation to the total number of words included in that post. An easy way to check this, is to use one of the many keyword density tools that are freely available on the Web.

So what is the optimum density one should use for the keywords in a post? The answer varies, as there’s not really a clear signal from Google on what the proper density should be. Most seem to think the density of the keyword in your content should be north of 1% and less then 5%. That’s quite a range, and I would challenge you the blogger to try and find a way to stuff your keyword in the content so you get a density of close to 5 percent.

The outcome of the correct keyword density has a direct impact on SEO. Don’t use it enough, and you won’t be able to rank for the keyword. Use it too much, and you risk being penalized by Google for stuffing the keyword in your content, and you’ll have the same risk of not being able to rank. So you see it’s important to find the right percentage, and that’s where these keyword density tools come into play.

Keyword Density Tools List

The following list are some of the keyword density tools that are available to analyze your content. These tools work in one of two ways:

  1. You supply the URL of your published post, and the tool crawls your content
  2. You paste the text of your post, and the tool scans your content

In both cases, you’ll be presented a list of the number of keywords in your content, and the percentage that each of these various keywords are used.

One of the top keyword density tools to analyze your content is the SEOBook Density Analyzer, and I use this on many occasions.

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