Reverse Guest Posting 2022

Warning – This content is only meant to be a test post that is being used as part of a case study for another blog.

A struggle most new bloggers have is trying to get visitors to their site. They always want to focus on building backlinks, which may not always be the best approach for your blog. A new craze happens to be Reverse Guest Posting, and we’ll examine what that exactly is in this post.

Most bloggers are aware of Guest Posting. This is the practice of creating a piece of content and having it published on someone else’s blog. The theory goes, you’ll get a backlink for this, as well as have the opportunity to drive traffic to your site. This works great, if you can find the right blog to get your post published on. Sometimes easier said then done. You see, it’s hard to find a blog that is willing to accept your content, well harder then you think anyway.

Reverse Guest Posting

So what’s the difference with reverse guest posting? Well reverse guest posting is just the opposite of what we just talked about. You ask another blogger to write content for your blog, or you advertise that you would like someone else to post content on your blog.

This buys you two things:

  1. You can get content for you site, which is great if you are having a hard time find the time to write your blog posts
  2. You get some free advertising from the other blogger, and hopefully visitors from his or her site

How does that work? Well if someone is going to take the time to post content on your blog, I’m hoping they are going to want to advertise the fact that they did this. They’ll do this via their different social media accounts, whether that be Twitter, Google Plus, or even Facebook. If they are promoting their content via these channels, you’ll end up getting visitors that would normally be visiting that bloggers web site. This is a win win situation for both of you. So reverse guest posting does work.

So give reverse guest posting a shot, you may find it easier to do then trying to push your hard work on another blog.

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