SEO Link Building Strategy 2022

At its most fundamental level, link building is the process through which your website becomes enmeshed in the life of the Internet, becoming both a tributary and a conduit for the flow of information and customers, in order to raise your site’s search engine rankings. Link building for SEO is one of your most important tools to building a successful Internet presence.

As search engines have become more sophisticated, they have also begun to base a site’s search engine rankings on the number, quality, and relevance of sites that backlink to that URL. In short, the more reputable sites link to pages on yours, the higher your profile will be on Google, Yahoo,, and other highly desirable search engines. This, in turn, will drive up traffic to your website and increase your profits, either through direct sales or by making your site a better bet for advertisers.

Link building is a rather painstaking process, since you need to locate websites that are relevant to yours – but not competitive to it – and persuade the owners of these sites to link to you. Your site will also need to link to them, in order to create a network of links that will indicate to the search engines that your website is deserving of searchers’ attention.

To understand how link building works, think of the following example; although it is not a precise representation of how this type of SEO functions, it will help give a firmer grasp of the basic idea behind link building in SEO.

Basically, link building is an analog of product endorsements. Just as having your product endorsed by one golf professional or famous actor will give your product infinitely more marketability than ten thousand endorsements by mailmen, grocery store clerks, and garbage truck drivers, so one link to your site from a prominent, highly reputable website is worth more than ten thousand link trades with insignificant or shady sites. Indeed, linking to the latter may cause search engines to blacklist your website entirely.

Link building and SEO come to the same thing for any website seriously interested in raising their position in search engine results, and, consequently, drawing more high quality traffic. This process is vital for any website that hopes to be more than an electronic footnote, but it is also a very lengthy and frustrating process for those unaccustomed to it.

Technical know-how and skillful negotiation are both involved in leveraging this powerful tool for promoting your website – and our firm offers both to you. Our professionals will help you start link building today with high quality sites that will boost your online “reputation”, optimizing your website for the best search engine position and bringing in the traffic that will transform your dreams of success into a reality.

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