Unusual Tricks that will Help you Surpass Writers Blockage

For a content writer earning a living because of his work, writer’s block is the deadliest of ailments, because it creates a vicious circle where he not only is not producing content for readers and subscribers counting on him, but he also begins to question the reliability of his income.

– Why do We Experience Writer’s Block?

We’ve all been through it: the more you try to write, the worse it gets, until you stare hopelessly at a blank screen and feel there is no getting over it. Your mind wanders off and seems to focus on everything but writing, you can’t seem to get a decent idea and when you have one that isn’t half bad, once you read it you discover that it actually is worse than you had first thought.


Writer’s Block

But is there a way to get over this unproductive situation and get back to your usual behavior?

The first and most important thing that you need to do is to disconnect. You need to get out of your office or your home and wander about with no idea where to go or what to do. Visit an amusement park, go swimming, meet up with friends. Take your mind completely off writing and work. The more you worry, the less you will be able to start working again. So just let it go.

– Get rid of frustration

Many content writers are introverts and often fail to express their feelings. So letting stuff out might be exactly what you have been waiting for. Lock yourself in the car with the music on and start shouting at the top of your lungs or find some pillows and stuff your face between them while cursing or shouting. It will feel extremely peculiar for a couple of minutes but it will actually become quite good after a while.

– Change Your Writing Style

Changing the way you write can also make an extreme difference. The best bet would be to get rid of a computer altogether and start writing with a pen and paper. It will make the whole process seem so raw and untainted that ideas will start flowing in no time. But if this isn’t doable, simply change your writing tool. Instead of your Microsoft Word, go for Google Docs or post directly to your blog. Modify font sizes and colors, change your desktop. Do anything in your power to make small changes that will make writing interesting again.


Change Your Writing Style

Make a different ritual before starting to write. Go for a cup of tea, find some leg warmers, move your desk, get blankets or take your cat in your lap and cuddle before starting to work. Anything that is different will make a tremendous difference and may give you a jolt.

– Use serendipity for the Greater Good

Many writers panic when their mind wanders about and prevents them from focusing on what they have to write about. But reading and thinking about random stuff may just save you from spiraling, because it will stimulate your mind in different ways so that you can start your writing from a new perspective.

Visit a reader-friendly bookstore. There are places to shop where you can buy a cup of coffee or tea and enjoy your book right there, in the bookstore. So decide one day to go with a notebook, prepare a cup of tea or coffee and go through books that deal with topics you are interested in until you find at least 10 new  ideas.


Serendipity Happens

– Try a Different Approach

Another good idea is to start going through photo albums, or even share a picture or two. This will help you build relationships with your readers because when they see that you are as vulnerable and human as they are, they will emphasize with you.

Start working out! Running or lifting weights may do wonders in relieving frustrations and if not, at least it releases endorphins that, in the wise words of Reese Witherspoon, make you happy. Set a goal or a workout regimen that you actually follow because, with a sound body comes a sound mind, and you never know what ideas strike you when you are out for a run.


Writer’s Block

– Go Back to Where it All Started

Reread older posts, starting with your first ever. This will make it obvious how much you have grown and how far you have come. You can even try rewriting it to see exactly how different you are now from what you were back then.

Some posts will stun you because they will be well written and they will baffle you. But the secret is that all that talent and all that inspiration is still in you somewhere. And all you need to do is to let it all out. And the encouragement will do wonders for your ego, because let’s face it, you write better if you feel better.

Everyone gets writer’s block at some point. Because it is the way we are wired, but the sooner you accept it, the closer you will be to surpassing it. Trust in yourself and things will look up in no time.

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