What is the Relationship between Backlinks and SEO? | SEO Link Building in 2022

SEO (search engine optimization) and backlinks are intimately interwoven – in fact, they are parts of the same overall process, two facets of a whole. You cannot optimize your website for rising in the search engine rankings without a panoply of good quality backlinks, and if you acquire backlinks, then you are simultaneously engaged in search engine optimization.

Backlinks for SEO are the key to making your website visible in Google, Ask, Dogpile, and other search results.

Search engines have complex algorithms for ranking sites in their search results, which are based on how relevant these programs perceive a given website as being.

Data about the website is used to sort it into a specific ranking in the search results, whether that ranking places it third from the top on the covered first page, or on 900th page at position 9,002 out of 35,439 results.

The search engine, being largely automated, cannot actually read your website and make a value judgment about how good the content is – although it will analyze the basic construction of your website, raising its ranking somewhat if your site is both sophisticated and accessible, while lowering the ranking of poorly built sites with very basic structures or abysmally slow loading times. However, the main criterion used by search engine spiders is the number and quality of backlinks.

Backlinks are inbound links to your site from other, external sites which have something to say about your URL or the information it contains.

Modern search engines position your website based on both how many inbound links are pointed towards your site, and by how reputable they are.

Inbound links originating on websites which are themselves very high in the search engine rankings give you a large boost in your site’s reputation on the search engines, while those backlinks which originate in low-rated sites have no effect. If there are a large numbers of poor quality backlinks, your website will either be automatically dropped from the search engine entirely, or flagged for review by a human administrator who is quite likely to drop and blacklist your site anyway.

The role of backlinks in SEO is very evident from what has been said here – the essence of successful SEO, in fact, is the gathering and correct use of good backlinks. SEO is developed out of backlinking, whether this is carried out directly by you posting material on other sites with hyperlinks to your own pages embedded, or by providing information that other website owners will want to link to in order to offer their readers further data on whatever your and their site is centered around.

We fully understand the link between backlinks and SEO, and will bring our knowledge, skills, and familiarity with the process’ complexities to bear in creating the well-placed selection of inbound links that you need to cause the search engines to recognize your site as a viable, high-value one which should be raised towards the top of search listings.

We can spare you the tedious legwork and provide you with the results – vigorous SEO based on the firm foundation of high quality backlinking.

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