What to Expect from Guest Blogging and SEO in the Near Future?

The world of SEO has been very unstable these days because those professionals whose livelihoods are dependent upon blogs and web development have witnessed a turn on algorithms of Google this year. A legitimate change is about to come. There are several discussions regarding link building techniques floating along the forums these days. By considering the recent changes, it seems that Google’s intention is to eliminate black-hat techniques completely by 2014. It could be possible by reducing the effectiveness of link spamming. The first and foremost priority of Google is to ensure providing best possible experience to the users for this year.

The Future of SEO

If you are using black-hat techniques for content marketing, then it is best for you to change your job. This is because Google is trying its best to avoid all the black-hat marketers with its powerful algorithms. If you are using honorable online marketing approach (white-hat) that Google supports, then you can easily make your website a huge community where users can share, interact, reuse and develop information to fulfill different needs. Though all websites are not developed to make a community, it is important that content should be great and flawlessly structured to attract large number of visitors.

SEO Pitfalls You Should Avoid

As discussed earlier, you should clean all your techniques if your site is conducting black-hat approaches. Otherwise Google may degrade your site. When it comes to try any practice with your website, make sure to avoid the following penalty tactics –

  1. Advertisement Overuse: There are several websites providing extra space for advertising to earn some sort of monthly income online. Most websites also utilize some extra space to raise their rent. Instead of allowing others to place their ads, why don’t you place your own cool widgets to better utilize extra space? You can try to enhance user/reader experience by having a cool poll widget to interact with target audience. Also, Google appreciates this technique. Once your website is bumped up in the search results because of having active presence and better community, you can earn huge in the long run with high traffic. 
  2. Placing Cheap Ads: Your website’s credibility can badly be destroyed also due to cheap ads. Having ungodly number of ads on a website can ruin the user experience. The more ads a user finds in a website, the less likely he will click. Sometimes, users are overwhelmed with too many choices and they end up by skipping away from a particular site. So, not only for Google, also clean these ads up for your target audience. 
  3. Bad Content: This is the complete ‘no-no’ of Google and other search engines. Those site owners who are responsible for the existing web content crisis are more likely to face barricades of penalizations on their website. From now on it became compulsory for a content marketer to have well-written and flawless content on their website to enjoy highest traffic on the web. 

Guest Blogging

Google has also realized the importance of guest blogging for the advancement of websites for long run. Hence, this approach is also getting into new levels. In future, guest blogging is about to witness increased demand and slightly increased supply behind that. But you should follow all the directions on the blogs before you start. Several bloggers delete mails of several writers only because they don’t follow the rules and send badly drafted emails. Next up, you should have error-free content.

Sometimes, contents are rejected only because of syntax errors. Finally, you should have plethora of attractive topics to share. It is quite frustrating to see different articles written on same theme on a particular niche.

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